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Greg Reid Associates, Inc.
Contact Management System (CMS)
Greg Reid Associates, Inc. (GRA) provides marketing support services to institutional investment fund managers that do not have an in-house marketing staff. The investment fund manager's primary potential clients are corporate pension plans. Through their knowledge of the potential client universe, GRA identifies probable prospects and presents the marketing message for the investment managers that they represent. GRA has placed over three billion dollars with their client managers.

The Contact Management System (CMS) which is an integral part of the services that they provide by maintaining detailed information about the universe of potential prospects, detailed contact history, and accurate reports of pending opportunities.

Items of Interest: The information is structured so that the users can view the data from multiple perspectives. Prospects can be located within the list of contacts, and then the user can drill down to the company record. The user can also start at the company level and use the list of associated contacts to drill down to the individual contact. Pending opportunities are tracked and presented in a list that can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. From the list, the user can drill down to the specific prospect record identified in the opportunity record. Quick action can be taken by means of an OLE (object linking and embedding) link with Microsoft Word to generate letters and automatically update the contact history.

John Smith & Sons Booksellers, Inc.
Book Order Tracking System (BOTS)

John Smith & Son Inc. Booksellers is an associated company of John Smith & Son (Glasgow) Ltd. of Scotland. They purchase books and periodicals from domestic publishers and then ship the books back to Scotland or to the final recipient. The incoming orders are sent from Scotland by electronic mail. On a daily basis the electronic mail is read into the Book Order Tracking System and then order letters are generated by publisher. Management reports make it possible to track the status of all orders. Unfulfilled orders are automatically flagged after a preset period of time has elapsed. When a sufficient quantity of books and periodicals arrive, a shipment is created. For each shipment an invoice and shipping label is then generated.

Items of interest: Importing e-mail directly into the database has dramatically reduced errors and increased the number of orders that can be handled. By using date triggers, the system keeps management on top of delayed orders. The date triggers, default values, and import controls are all stored in a control table so that management can adjust and tune the system in response to changing needs.

Rodale Press
Rodale Press, publishers of Backpacker magazine, wanted to provide their website visitors with the ability to search and review camping and climbing gear information that had been reviewed in the magazine. In particular, Rodale wanted a flexible querying mechanism that would make it possible for the visitor to select and view a subset of the information available based on their own query selection criteria.

Working in cooperation with Winston-Wells Design, a graphic design firm, and Lower Mills Group, a website development firm, Gamma provided the database expertise for the Gearfinder development effort. The site enables the user to select a category of equipment, such as backpacks, and then using a series of list boxes, the visitor is able to define selection criteria such as manufacturer, price, size, and usage to name but a few. The site is running on a Windows NT server, using the Internet Information Server. The data resides in an Access database. It was originally developed using the IDC/HTX files, but it was subsequently rewritten with expanded functionality using Active Server Pages. Yahoo! named the site "a pick of the week".

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