Database Development

Value of a Database Application

Companies that make the best use of their data stand out from their competitors.

We can help you stand out by working with you to develop a database application that will organize your data into available, useful, information.

Here is a partial list of some of the database applications we have developed for our clients.

Database Application Ideas

  • Contact Management
  • Course Scheduling & Registration
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis & Reporting
  • Inventory Control
  • Investment Tracking & Reporting
  • Letter Generation & Tracking
  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Product Availability and Pricing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Travel & Expense Tracking

How We Build Database Applications

Our database application development process encompasses three fundamental phases: design, development (coding), and implementation. Internally, we follow a sequence of highly structured steps according to a set of documented standards. Throughout the entire development process, we remain in close contact with you, and we offer several checkpoints during which all work is reviewed. However, we also make every effort to prevent you from being burdened with the structure and standards required to ensure a successful outcome.

We begin each project by meeting with you to define the objectives and basic specifications of the project. There is no cost associated with the initial meeting.

Winning Development Techniques

Capped Development Estimates
We prepare a detailed proposal for each project. The proposal contains a definition of the project, a development time line, and a capped project cost estimate.

Detailed Analysis and Design
The first step towards a successful database application is a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and the requirements for the database application. From the results of the analysis, a design for the database application is prepared, in essence, a blueprint for the database application’s development. The blueprint is communicated to the client in two forms: a printed document and small application prototype. By creating a detailed design before the database application development takes place, the parameters that determine the cost and timelines for development and implementation are clearly defined.

Modular/Reusable Components
By using a combination of pre-existing and custom-coded program components, we construct flexible, robust, modular database applications. This style of development reduces development time and costs while simplifying the process of making future modifications.

Consistent Operation and Appearance
We develop every database application to be internally consistent in both appearance and operational flow.

Testing on Destination Equipment
We perform most design, development, and testing activities in our own offices. However, we do not consider testing to be complete until the database application has been tested on your computer system using sample data you have helped to define.

User Maintainable Controls
To meet your ever changing needs well into the future, many system-control parameters, such as report definitions, are maintained in files that you can modify, without programming.

Complete Documentation
We deliver a complete set of documentation with your database application. The documentation is made up of two components: User Documentation that guides operators through the use of the database application, and Technical Documentation, which defines how the application works internally.

Programming Errors
We stand behind our work. If, after accepting a database application, you encounter an error in our programming, we will correct the error free of charge.

Long Term Support
As you use your database application, we continue to listen and respond to your needs. We are available to support you and your database application by phone, e-mail, and on site.

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