Is your data organized?  Available?  Useful?

Your organization and its processes produce mountains of data. However, if that data is not organized, it cannot be made available to those that need it.

Information that is not available is not useful.

It is our mission at Gamma Software, Inc. to apply database management tools to organize your data, make it available, and make it useful.

Founded in 1987, Gamma Software has been providing a full range of database development services to clients that are small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, state and federal agencies, or non-profit organizations. We have helped a variety of industries including communications, financial services, and health care.

We anticipate, analyze, and act on technical trends to provide our clients with powerful, effective, solutions to master the challenges facing their businesses. Most of our solutions are developed using the Microsoft Corporation family of products.

Organized. Available. Useful.

Gamma will help work with you to make it happen in your business.

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